Technique and Quality

My metal clay creations are properly detailed and constructed for symmetry and smooth edges. I kiln fire for strength, and work-harden after firing.

I apply a quality sealer to my freshly polished copper and bronze metal clay pieces to prevent the normal tarnishing.

The earwires I make, and those that I purchase, are unlikely to cause reactions. I use sterling silver, niobium, 14k goldfill, and 14k gold wires.

Stones and pearls are set securely.

My wire and chain is substantial. And the jump rings and connectors I use are split rings, soldered, heavy gauge, or wire wrapped for strong connections.

I use a quality rubber cord with a sterling silver lobster clasp.

Many of my pendants are versatile. The relatively large bails allow for the use of various metal chains, silk ribbons, or satin cords.

Making  jewelry that my customers can wear for many years is my top priority!

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