Caring For Your Jewelry

Fine silver will need little care since it tarnishes very slowly. Simply store your jewelry in the zip-lock bag with the anti-tarnish strip I provide. If you notice a golden tint over time, lightly polish with a silver polishing cloth. Avoid polishing areas with patina.

Fine silver pieces with a bright, colorful patina are sometimes sealed to maintain the color (if this is the case, it will be noted in the item description). My bronze and copper metal clay pieces are always sealed to prevent the normal tarnishing. Sealed pieces never need polishing.

Shiny sterling silver and gold chains can be polished with a silver polishing cloth or use a product such as Precious Liquid Jewelry Cleaner available on Amazon. If your chain has an antique patina, avoid using jewelry cleaners or polishing cloths.

Freshwater pearls are delicate. Never use a jewelry cleaner or polishing cloth on pearls. Avoid getting pearls wet and occasionally clean them with a soft, dry cloth.

Stone beads and freshwater pearls require special care since they are porous and subject to color change. Avoid wearing lotion and perfume when wearing necklaces or bracelets made with stone beads or pearls.

Before wearing your bracelet or necklace, hold the piece at the clasp and let it hang vertically while you adjust links and charms.

Always remove your jewelry before bathing.

For questions about caring for your jewelry, please use the form below.

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